Student Made Tutorials with Google Jamboard and Screencastify!

Sunday, May 26, 2019 No comments
Hi! It is the end of the year and I wanted to help my AVID students streamline the process of becoming references for each other to review important content in preparation for finals. Enter a fantastic jamboard tutorial idea that I got from Joe Marquez at Spring CUE 2019!

Why have students create Jamboard Tutorials: 

  • This is a student-centered review activity that values student voice and choice. 
  • Students become important references for each other, which helps them value each other as members of the learning community. 
  • When students can teach a concept, they know it on a deeper level. This is especially true when they are teaching to an authentic audience- their classmates who really need to know the content for upcoming finals! 

How to have students create Jamboard Tutorials: 

Step 1: Have students pick a topic and plan their tutorial. We did a jigsaw of the final exam study guides given by college professors and their math teacher. 

Step 2: Students Access Jamboard through google drive.  My students used their touch screen laptops with a stylus.  You can also use a mouse or the actual google jamboard hardware. See their samples below for an idea of what can be done on this platform!

Step 3: Students record tutorials using the free Screencastify Chrome Extension

Step 4: Students post tutorials on a common google site, padlet, or flipgrid.  We used a padlet that I posted on our google classroom.

Step 5: Students use each other's tutorials to prepare for upcoming tests and review important content! 

For a better visual, check out this great video from Joe Marquez on his YouTube Channel Sons of Technology. This is a MUST SUBSCRIBE for my techy teacher peeps, especially if you are into google sites! 

Here are some student sample tutorials from my class: 

I hope this gives you an idea about the power of student-created tutorials. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! Wishing you all a fabulous end to the school year. <3 Emily