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Welcome! This blog post accompanies my presentations for the Oxnard Union PDs which were all about teaching vocabulary in any content area. Below, you will find the slide deck and video tutorials.  If you need more support or would like to collaborate, feel free to reach out to me anytime! 

Click through the slide deck from my presentation: 

A Sample Workflow for Using Quizizz, Quizlet, and Thin Slides for Vocabulary Instruction:

Tool #1: Quizizz

Quizizz is a fun, meme-based multiple choice game that teachers can use as a formative assessment. One idea for a best practice: Give the quizizz at the beginning of a unit to inform instruction. Give the same quizizz homework or live over the course of the unit and measure growth.

The following video is a screencast that walks you through signing in and creating quizizz: 

The following video is a general overview of quizizz and a look at the google classroom grade book integration: 

Tool #2: Quizlet

Quizlet is great for practice. Students have choices to study with flashcards, games, practice tests and more. With the premium subscription (Contact Jay at the DO to sign up for district paid premium! yay!) teachers can view all the analytics of the time and mode students are studying.  Quizlet Live is also a really fun option for getting students up, moving, collaborating, and communicating.

The following video shows you all the tools and study modes students have access to with quizlet: 

The following video is a screencast that walks you through signing in and creating classes + study sets

The following video shows you how to use quizlet live! 

Tool #3: Thin Slides

Thin slides are basically a collaborative google slide deck protocol from Jon Corippo and the EduProtocol Fieldguide. Students all hop on to the same slide deck and simultaneously edit their own slide. 5-10 minutes later, they present and the teacher gives feedforward!

The following video walks you through setting up thin slides and posting them to google classroom with the permission for everyone to edit. I also give a few tips and show some of my classroom samples. 

A Final Tip: The Answer is Always a Spreadsheet (Thank you @AliceKeeler)

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I would be glad to hear from you by email, twitter, or in the comment section below! Want to see what else I have been blogging about this year?  Click the home button at the top or click through the archive in the right sidebar!