Use Google Sites to Organize Your Class!

Monday, October 15, 2018
I'm trying a new thing this year where I am using a google site to organize my classes. Here is a link to my very simple google site and here are the top 4 reasons I'm enjoying this new workflow! It is still very much a work in progress so I would love any questions. comments, suggestions, and teacher hacks you may have in the comment section!

1. Easily Embed the Daily Agenda with a Google Slide Deck. 

Each day, I add a new slide to the beginning of the slide deck with the agenda for the day. The google site automatically updates with the new slide.  Students and parents can use this as a reference when they are absent or curious about what is going on in the class. I like that the agenda is available to parents since it is on a site and not inside google classroom or an LMS.

2. Include important documents and forms.  

For me, these include my syllabi for each class and a google form that I use to organize and track my classroom library. I require my students to keep my site in their bookmark bar so that they can always quickly access these resources without searching around a classroom stream.

3. Have a form where students can request a regrade.  

Philosophically, this is probably the most important part of my website. It is important to my philosophy of education to give students lots of feedforward and chances to meet the standards. Using this link, students can request that I regrade their assignments by sharing a link to their work and reflecting on what they have done to improve the work/skill since the last time I graded it. I bookmark the spreadsheet that is generated from this form and check in on it once or twice a week.  I highlight the row once I have completed the re-grade so that I can track my make-up/redo work easily.  This makes it a lot easier for me to track assignments across multiple digital platforms; students submit google docs, screenshots from no red ink, Adobe Spark links and all kinds of other things that can all be managed on one spreadsheet.

4. Easily Embed Padlets to Keep a Back Channel Open. 

If you click over to my website, this padlet is password protected because it has some student information.  I use this page for students to communicate with me and with district personnel about our evolving tech situation. This is a clean way to hear students' voices and work on tech solutions, especially since we are a 1 to 1 school without any tech support on campus. I can see lots of ways I would like to embed resources like padlet into my google site in the future.

Do you use google sites or another similar situation to organize your classroom? I'd love to hear your questions, comments, or concerns in the comment section below!  Have a great day. 

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