Student Created Meme Lessons

Monday, October 8, 2018
Student generated memes are a great way to bring a little fun into lessons while maintaining focus on content standards and student learning. I've seen some awesome student generated memes from classes around the district! Check out the student samples and info below then join the conversation in the comment section or on twitter. How do you or could you use memes in the classroom?

Why To Have Students Create Memes: 

  • Memes are fun for most students and can hook them into the content you are teaching. I often use memes as a pre-writing hook to get students thinking and talking about something they will write about soon. 
  • Memes take a lot of creativity and critical thinking.  Students have to take a concept and distill it down to a few words that carry a lot of shared meaning.

How to Have Students Create Memes: 

  • Share a link to a meme generator like this one. (Check in advance that it is not blocked on your wifi)
  • If you want to limit the meme options or if meme generators are blocked on your campus, create a "bank" of images for your students to use inside a google doc or slide and then have them copy/paste their selected image to their own google slide or google drawing.  Then, have them use the tools in G Suite to add text, speech bubbles, etc. 

How to Have Students Share Memes: 

Student Samples: 

These first 3 are from a novel study of The Great Gastby. We were talking about the comment Fitzgerald is making about the American experience in the 1920s.

These next 3 are from Natalie Dempsey's Science Class at HHS: 

These final 3 are from an argument writing unit about the impact of technology on communication: 


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