Quick Googley Tips!

Thursday, September 13, 2018
Hi! I hope everyone is off to a fantastic new school year!  My year is very busy so far, so I want to share a quick post with a few Googley tips that help me use G-Suite efficiently in the classroom.

1. Have students work in a collaborative slide deck and watch them in grid view.

I love to have my students work on assignments in a collaborative slide deck.  Basically, I make a blank slide deck with an empty slide for each of my students. I assign each student a slide number and then they work simultaneously on the same deck, but on individual slides. While students are working, I project the grid view so that I can keep an eye on everyone's progress while I walk around and work with individuals/small groups.

2. Use favicons to bookmark efficiently without words. 

My students and I use a variety of tech tools often.  In order to expedite the process of navigating to our favorite sites, we bookmark them in chrome.  If the tool has a favicon (the little images seen below), then we erase the words associated with the bookmark so that we can maximize the space in our bookmark bar.  We know that we will recognize the icon, so it frees up some space to fit all our faves. Not every site has a favicon, but we love the ones that do! (Hint, Hint OxnardUnion.org). Notice that PTC favicon for this blog that you are welcome to add to your bookmarks!  ;)  Here is a screenshot of my book mark bar:

3. Bookmark frequently used docs/slides.

I bookmark my lesson plan google docs, running class slide decks, and other google docs/slides that I need to access a lot.  This saves me a ton of time going though my drive every time I need to get to them.  Here's what the other half of my bookmark bar looks like:

4. Always have students use the sign in with Google option when available.

My students have so many user names and passwords to remember.  To expedite the process of getting logged in, I always require my students to log in to third party apps with google.  Our favorite ed tech sites that allow google sign in are: edpuzzle, wevideo, no red ink, quizlet, Gale, and quizizz.

5. Run chrome through a flash drive.

In my classroom, I use a shared computer, with a generic login that is owned and updated by Oxnard College. Much to my chagrin, the computer DOESN'T HAVE CHROME and I cannot have chrome installed. Gasp. Not to worry, google and growth mindset to the rescue! After some googling and belief in the power of yet, I found out that users can run chrome through a flash drive without technically installing it on a computer. Here's how.  It stays signed in and everything!  Yay.  I know I am in a unique position in terms of classroom computers, but I thought this tip may help other people in the district who change rooms/locations and don't want to sign in and out of chrome everywhere they travel!

What are your time saving googley tips?  Leave questions, comments, or suggestions in the comment section below.  Thanks for stopping by!

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